Hey there!

Anthony here.

Clearly you’re here reading this About Me page if you’re not exactly 100% sure about who I am or what I do!

To clear things up, let me get you up to speed real quick.

Born and raised in New York, I always had a nose for business. Starting my own from scratch in particular. Whether it was printing out t-shirts and flipping them as a little hustler in middle school or starting my own real business that kept me in New York City 4 days a week at the age of 16 – I knew that it was something that kept me wide eyed with hundreds of thoughts going through my head at night.

Fast forward a few years from high school, and I was introduced with internet marketing when I began project managing for my lifelong friend Dan Dasilva. Almost immediately I fell in love with the art of working online as it gave me the ability to work from wherever I want, whenever I desired to.

From day one I only had two desires with my career choice.

1) To help people or help solve a problem… I didn’t want to watch my life pass away while doing the equivalent of pouring water on my face while being in a swimming pool. I needed purpose.

2) Freedom. I don’t want to fall under someones infrastructure, or be boxed in and have people to answer to. I knew that the only way I could stay happy with my life was if I had flexibility, change, and the ability to be creative.

Enough about “Me Me Me”! I’m only here writing this because my mission and purpose is to help you! I found my sweet spot with eCommerce, Shopify, and Social Media Marketing.

It came as a sixth sense to me out of all honesty. I always had a passion for the process, the intangibles, and minor details that built brands and content to be consumed. Spending so much time submersed in the world of eCommerce and brand building out of natural interest, I began sharing my two cents starting with my first flagship course with Dan Dasilva and eCom Dudes as we collaborated in creating Influencer Marketing Academy which was a massive success. The testimonials were insane and all it did was make me fall further in love with the process of helping people.

That brings me here today writing this to explain my story to the interested person reading this right now. Having thousands of people tune into my teachings, my only mission from here is to keep growing, learning, expanding and helping more people improve & streamline their online businesses through my coaching programs, courses, tools, applications and more.

I hope to see you inside the inner workings of my business and be sure to let me know you read this one day.

All the best,

Anthony Vincent Mastellone