✳️Free Discord Groupchat: https://discordapp.com/invite/5fmQqrb ✳️Connect on Instagram: https://instagram.com/tonymastofficial In this video I take a deep dive in how to effective use Instagram Influencers in 2019 with your Shopify Dropshipping business. There are countless people that have diluted the value of Influencer Marketing after not doing it properly, but be sure to pay close attention throughout the entirety of this video to follow 3 pivotal tips to ensure that Influencer Marketing is NOT dead for you in 2019. 3 TIPS OVERVIEW: 1) Differentiating General vs. Personal Pages @ 1:18 2) Dig Deeper than Likes @ 3:40 3) Requesting Stats @ 7:50 #InstagramInfluencers #Shopify #Dropshipping DROP A COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY QUESTIONS, VIDEO SUGGESTIONS & FEEDBACK!