When it comes to starting a business, one of the most common hurdles are “How much money is required to start?”. However, with Dropshipping, beginning a business has never been more attainable without needed a big budget. Every one of the devices you have to start moving on the web is available to you—and they’re mostly free.

One tool that we use is called Mailfunnels – which has proven to be our favorite email automation app for Shopify.

With this, we were able to earn $119 in a week without running a single paid ad on our typical platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

This was done completely through automated EMAIL MARKETING. This was hands down our best investment which is more affordable & easier to use than other email marketing Shopify apps such as mailchimp or klaviyo.

Below is a video showing you the exact formula we used to build this Shopify Dropshipping case study in less than a week with $0 spent to acquire these sales on our store. Enjoy!

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