Wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to be able to start any business you would like in the matter of a few hours with zero startup cost?! Drop shipping using AliExpress allows you to find reliable suppliers for just about any product for your eCommerce store.       That may be confusing to some of you, but I felt the same way when I first got told the same statement. So I’m going to give you a golden nugget by telling you what this means and how it will change the way you look at starting your next eCommerce business.

What is AliExpress?

   Aliexpress is a marketplace just like eBay or Amazon. The main difference is that most suppliers are overseas so their prices are very competitive. Although AliExpress may position themselves to look like they are a retailer, many suppliers are open to the resale of their products on your store at a retail cost. They will then fulfill the product on your behalf through drop shipping.

What is Dropshipping?

    Drop shipping allows you the freedom to test products without upfront cost. You won’t be stuck with huge piles of boxes in your house, packing your orders by hand or even endless trips to the post office. You will be able to spend your time focusing on the fun aspects of growing your business.    It is as simple as establishing a connection with a supplier. You will then place their products in your store. When you make a sale you create an order for that product with your supplier. The supplier will ship the product directly to your customer without you ever having to see it.      Although it is easy to use AliExpress for Dropshipping, there are a few things you need to look out for. We will walk you through how to set yourself up for success so that you can see amazing results.

Why People Will Buy From You:

   Alright, so some of you may be thinking, “Nobody would buy a product from me when they can go to AliExpress to order it for cheaper”. Luckily, you have the power of placing these products in front of your prospects first with absolute ease. You can stand out with a quality brand, adding value and providing amazing customer service. There are a few steps to this but they are not difficult and can be fun. The first thing to keep in mind when starting your Shopify store is that this stuff WORKS. You can see inside of public eCom masterminds, result based training and more – tons of people are making this work for them, and so can you.

Selecting Suppliers & Product:

   When you source products from AliExpress you should have some idea of a niche that you want to go into. If you are not quite sure which niche you want to create your store around, you can search categories to get familiar with hot products. You can do this by finding trends on sites such as WatchCount or utilizing the keyword planner on Google to see how many searches specific words are getting per month and come across upcoming trends with ease. After making a decision on which niche you will simply find a hot product with a good supplier. One tip that I have found useful when starting my first eCommerce store was to find a good supplier with many hot products. You can use many suppliers but if each product on your store is from a different supplier then you will have a lot of things to keep track of. This will simplify communication and organization while establishing a good relationship.

Selecting Suppliers:

   When selecting good suppliers there are a few simple things you will want to look at. First, examine their seller rating. You can do this by looking if they have metals, diamonds or a crown. This rating is based on how long they have been selling, the number of feedback their store they have received and what the ratio of positive to negative feedback is. Here are some examples of what the seller rating may look like.    If you see the metals you will not want to work with that supplier for drop shipping. Anything with 3-5 diamonds or a crown should be reliable sellers. You can also look into the feedback to see what people are saying to ensure their current customer are happy. Next, you will want to see if they ship using E-packet. If they use E-packet they most likely drop ship. Also, E-packet is the most time and cost friendly shipping to the United States. You can find this under shipping options or use the Oberlo Google Chrome Extension as shown below.

   While you are going through the products notice if they have good product pictures for you to use on your website and for promotions. This will really speed up the process of starting your store without having to order your own inventory.


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When You Find a Good Supplier:

   When you find a supplier that has the products you want, they have a good rating and quality pictures for you to use you will then want to reach out to the supplier. In the message, you will want to briefly tell them who you are, what your plans are and ask any questions you may have. Doing this will ensure they speak English, have good communication and are open to drop shipping.      An example of a message you could send to a supplier could be:   Hey there,    My name is _______ and I would like to feature your products in my online store but I have a few questions first. ⁃Do you provide dropshipping services? ⁃Is your stock limited? -Can you handle bulk CSV orders? ⁃Add other questions you may have. I look forward to talking soon. Thank you Best, ________.

    Make sure that you communicate with the supplier. A reliable supplier will answer all your questions in a timely manner. If they don’t reply that is a signal you may not want to work with them. Remember you are their customer so they should be more than willing to help you. (Because they are in a different time zone it may take them around 24 hours to reply.)

Selecting a Product:

   When selecting a product from a supplier there are a few things I look at. First, the picture has to be marketable (If not, you can always request additional / unwatermarked pictures). Second I check to see how many orders have been placed in comparison to how many times it has been added to cart. Third I look to see if the product cost is low with high-profit margins. Last I ask my target audience what they think of the products I want to place on my store.      If there are pictures of the product being modeled this is perfect. From my experience, many people relate when they can see themselves using the product. If the product is on the floor then they can’t imagine using your products as easily. This will lower your chances of getting your customer to make an impulse buy.      As a good rule of thumb if there are a lot of adds to wishlist but barely any orders on a product this may state that people are not enjoying the product enough to take action. Vice versa if there are a similar number of add to wishlist as the amount of order you can assume that people love the product and are taking action.      Usually, profit margins are around 30-40% when you start a store depending on the products, discounts, and niche. There are allot of variables that go into determining product cost and profit margins but don’t get too stuck deciding these prices. Make sure that you have a general idea for what the product retails for, decide a profit margin you want to go with and then test. I like to start my store with a lower cost of the products to see if they sell. Once I know a product is selling I will test the range I could charge for the product. 


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Placing Products on Your Store:

   Placing products in your store no longer entails long spreadsheets with numbers you can’t even tell if you wrote correctly anymore. On your Shopify store, you will download the Oberlo App and install the Google Chrome Extension. This will give you a simple 6 step process to upload the products to your store while keeping track of all the statistics. It will also be easy to go back to AliExpress and order the products when you start making sales. 1.Initially, you have to be on AliExpress. When you find a product you like press “Add To Import List” on the Oberlo extension. 2. Next, open Oberlo and select your import list. Now you can edit your product page. This includes the title, collections, types, and tags. 3. Edit your Product description. 4. Make sure the colors are correct and set your prices one the product variants page. The SKU and everything will be kept track of for you. 5. Select the images you want. You may have to do some slight editing.  **THIS PRODUCT IS STRICTLY FOR EXAMPLE. I DID NOT REVIEW THE PRODUCT OR SUPPLIER** 6.Select “Push To Shop”    Now your product is uploaded and your fulfillment process will be much easier!

In Conclusion

   Keep everything as simple as possible. The main reason for this is because it’s not that difficult. Just place the proper product in front of the proper audience. So when you are sourcing your products you must first ensure that there is a demand for the product through the methods taught above. Then place the product on your store continuously generate traffic, test and increase your revenue.   If you have any questions about this post feel free to reach out and I will help answer any questions you may have.

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