Here you are. New company, new website, new ideas. All your time has gone into making, and perfecting the storefront. You’re excited to begin making money and selling products, but there’s a problem you discover. Your website is receiving views, but product’s aren’t selling, and customers carts are remaining empty. There are different outliers that can be causing this.


Maybe your visitors are having trouble navigating your site. Perhaps it is not clear where to click, or how to buy something. This is a common problem new storefronts experience, and it is driving away customers. Luckily, we will be discussing some methods to ensure your customers carts are full, and you are making money.

The first step to fixing this problem is simplifying your call to action. Your call to action is what tells the customers what to do, where to click, and what to buy. The call to action is going to guide the customer to do what you want. The most common examples of a call to action is a “Buy Now” button, or “Shop Now” on the homepage. The styling of these buttons vary for websites, so you may have to test out a few to see what works for your company.


Although these call to action buttons can differ, there are some basic things to understand when making them.



A major key for a call to action is urgency. When shoppers feel that they’re time to buy something is limited, they are more inclined to purchase it before having time to think twice. This is apparent in retail stores as well as online. Often times stores will have end of the season sales that go on for a limited period of time to create that sense of urgency. One way to alter your call of action button to create that urgency is to have it say something, such as “Buy now! Only On Sale Until Midnight”. Conversion XL did a study, which showed that creating this sense of urgency increased their sales by 332%. That is a huge climb for any business.




When creating your call to action buttons, the colors you choose can play a role in attracting shoppers. Even though colors can differ based on your website and customers you’re trying to attract, there are a few things to take into consideration.

In order for your call to action button to attract customers, it needs to be clear and standout. By having white space around the button it will be clear where to click. Also it should standout out from the background of your page, and although you want it to standout, be sure not too make it too wild with demented colors and animations.




It’s important to remember that you’re call to action should be a simple button, and have it surrounded by a small border, rather than just having a text link. Simple buttons work well for directing customers through the shopping process. These buttons should be short texts that get right to the point, such as “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, and “Add to Cart”. The texts you choose may vary to the purpose and goal of your website. For example, if you’re selling video content, a button that says “watch now” will suffice.


When it comes to your copy, you want to connect with your prospects mentally and emotionally. Typically an implied yes by trying to solve your ideal prospect’s pain point is a great way to grab someones attention. Not only grabbing their attention, this will allow them to feel understood – which will likely lead to them reading more about your ad / offer / content / etc. An implied yes would be something along these lines….


If you were targeting people and trying to sell them products related to pitbulls, you can begin your ad with something like… “Do you love your pitbull? Keep your pitbull with you at all times with this…” Understanding your prospects is hands down one of the biggest fundamentals to a successful ad!




The first image that shoppers see when visiting your page is the most important. It will be their focus point, and more likely than not the first thing they click. If you have a strong first image to grab the customer’s attention, it is likely they will continue to navigate through your site. Always keep in mind that you only have a split second to catch someone’s attention.


Creating a new website and brand can be difficult, but following all these steps will enhance the effectiveness and attract customers. Be sure to test different variations of call to actions, and see what works best for you.


Written & Edited By: Anthony Mastellone