Tired of wasting your hard earned money on failing ads?

Well, I’m here to change that for you today with some tips that I have found to be the most useful and pretty much my book of faith when creating ads. So what I’m going to do in this blog post, is break it all down for you step by step.


  • Build Rapport

Trust is a massive factor in the purchasing process and converting your cold traffic prospects into actual customers. How can we do this exactly? The easiest way to do this is through well done social media campaigns. By social media campaigns – I do NOT mean ads. I mean your actual accounts themselves. This is where you and anyone else out there has an equal opportunity to go out there and build this from absolutely nothing and on a tiny budget (if any at all).


Anyone can create a well done Instagram of Facebook page and this is simply done through quality content. The best part about this method is the fact that it doesn’t require a big budget. Yes – it can be a bit time consuming, but on the bright side, it can be done in advance which streamlines the entire process of curating content.

Another way to build rapport aside from being seen as a reputable, high quality brand through your content is what you present in your ads. You can build rapport with ease by making your prospects feel comfortable when encountering your advertisements.


What’s one amazing way to make your prospects feel comfortable with your ads? The answer is ironically other customers! (Specifically testimonials). Imagine the rapport you’ve built when your prospect feels like they’re missing out on the best thing since sliced bread because Sally from New Jersey is being shown to the world about how much she loves the product she bought?


A lot of people think it’s difficult to get these sorts of testimonials but thankfully, they’re not. Incentivize some of your latest customers with a gracious discount code or a free gift if they can provide you with a product review or testimonial on how happy they are with what they purchased.


Social acceptance drives demand. The good ‘ol fear of missing out does in fact trigger reactions in the seemingly impossible to pick brain of your prospects. Why not leverage it when you’re delivering a quality product and have the ability to drive more sales from that happy customer?


One more way to build rapport with your prospects is providing them with significant value. This can be done with teaching them something new or providing a unique experience. Showing your audience that you’re well vetted and knowledgeable about the product they’re seeing will make them feel like they have a little insurance policy on what they could be investing into. Presenting your brand as such will enhance your prospects’ sense of comfort as they go through the series of micro-commitments made in order to reach the ultimate goal of obtaining a purchase.


  • Implied “Yes”

This is one of the most traditional tactics in the history of marketing. This is the question you ask at the beginning of your ad copy that you already know the answer to before even asking it. It’s the fact of grass being green and skies being blue. We know the answer, but we want to compel our audience and remind them of the importance of that answer by asking the question again.


When using the Implied “Yes” you want to invoke empathy, understanding & comfort. For example if you’re trying to sell a product to people who suffer from insomnia, you could begin your ad copy with something like this…


“Are you fed up with facing sleepless nights of tossing and turning?….”


  • Offer

Time to get into the good stuff! Let’s talk about your offer. This is more than the product or service that you’re providing for someone’s capital. Your offer is the fulfillment of someone’s desire or solution to a problem. If you’re selling a pair of socks to someone scrolling past your ad, you have to win them over as to why they should buy YOUR socks. Anyone can go to the mall, or go to another website and get some socks. So your offer is going incentivize people taking action and buying your socks in comparison to the alternative. Maybe it’s the feel good process because this is the only place that someone can find socks made with organic cotton! Or maybe that special offer of 25% off for today only will make me want to pull the trigger on that extra pair of socks I could use… Are you picking up what I’m putting down?


There are endless ways to put this into your own terms, create your own incentives or make prospects purchase your products. Once you harness the power of successfully making your audience take action via proper incentives, you’ll have a great business on your hands


To see some examples of incentives watch the YouTube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR8KNA8Kc7E


  • Time Sensitivity

In order to bring a sense of urgency to the table and make your offer even more irresistible than it already is, we have the ability to work time sensitivity to our advantage. This is great for “Flash Sales”, ads on Instagram stories and limited time offers. This is a great way to make sure that your semi-interested prospects receive that extra little nudge to get them off the fence on purchasing your product and is a classic marketing technique that does in fact still work. Make it clear that the offer expires and they may never see such a reduced price or limited edition product because when it’s gone – it’s gone. Providing this fear of missing out on an amazing deal is a great marketing tactic that you should always implement into your marketing.


  • Call To Action

Call to actions are so pivotal in your ads that it has an independent post here on the TonyMast blog! The fact of the matter is, people actually like being told what to do…


“Click here now!” “Get Your Copy!” “Order Now!”…


Calls to action reinforce the true purpose of your ad and is a great way to state a clear cut direction for what your prospect has to do next in order to respond to any advertisement. Once you make your prospect feel compelled and committed to your ad, you’ll steer them in the right direction with a empowering call to action.

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  • Scrambled URL

As for the URL of your ad, it’s ideal to use things such as Bit.ly or ClickPerfect in order to make sure that…

– People are going to the URL destination you want them to

– You can track the amount of clicks and activity on your link

It’s ideal to not only send your prospects to the right destination, but once you can calculate things such as conversions, clicks and more – you can begin to split test and optimize your checkout pages and other variables into the sales process.


It’s a fairly simple tip, but it can be expanded on tremendously on what to do with such stats, so we’ll save that for another post / video 🙂


  • Compelling Visual

In relation to the first tip of building rapport, your visuals will absolutely make or break your ads. It’s the first thing that will jump out to your prospect. It’s almost guaranteed – the ad visual will much more likely grab a prospect’s attention and drive them to read the ad copy than vice versa. Text is diluted, and not a key defining component of a page that is capable of grabbing attention. The old adage of “A picture is worth a thousand words…” is more relevant than ever.


To look up big companies ads you can use an amazing tool that not many people know of that is completely free called Moat. https://moat.com


With your ad visual you should be telling a story, striking your prospect and connecting with them emotionally. If you fail to grab attention, your ad will simply be skipped by the vast majority of people who have no issue evading a typical advertisement. Here’s a few pointers to take into consideration for your next ad visual..

– Turn up the contrast! High contrast & colors will stand out on a user’s timeline

– Every element inside of your ad should have a purpose

– Let your picture tell a story

Lastly, the off-the-record key component of advertising success is congruency. By congruency I mean placing your ad where it should be. Not everyone sees conversions because they aren’t hitting the right audience to actually drive sales.


Not everyone has the biggest budget to test every component of their ads. FB ads can cost hundreds if incorrectly used, and we’ve found the perfect way for you to tap into massive audiences with a tiny budget.

Check out a related YouTube Video below for more info! 


Written by: Anthony Mastellone

Instagram: @TonyMastOfficial