When first starting out, every business has the same goal in mind – to build brand awareness and gain exposure! Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to gain exposure. We live in a world ran by social media and the internet. Of course a new business should one hundred percent market through social media, but one powerful tool that is often overlooked is email. A lot of times companies stick to one platform to promote themselves, but in business it is always smart to diversify and decrease risk.


Although there are countless new ways to market your business, email marketing remains atop this list. This method provides an immense return on investments and makes it extremely easy to reach out to your entire audience at the touch of a button. Of course you should stick with the big dogs, such as Facebook and Instagram, but there’s no reason to not get email added to your arsenal. You may be asking yourself, “How am I going to have time to keep up with all the social media, other methods, and now email?” The answer is simple. Combine the power of your social media accounts with your email, sit back and watch the sales go through the roof.


Getting Started

The most successful businesses that market well all have something in common. The key is consistency. Keep your image consistent wherever you are placing it. This can be done through techniques such as consistent text overlays, color schemes, and more. Your customers should always feel a sense of connection when seeing your brand on different platforms. Keeping this in mind you will be able to keep your email and social media marketing hand in hand. The premier way to achieve this is to sync your two channels together. Keep in mind that although it is two different platforms, you are going to use it as one channel, rather than two different ones. One way to prevent doing double the work is to set up an email calendar. For example, if you’re planning to promote something at a certain time of the year, just set up in your calendar with a link to the post. This way you only have to do one set of content, but can still distribute it using both platforms.


Promoting Social Media through Email

One of the most important things to remember when sending out an email is to ALWAYS include social media links to your page. This is important, because this ensures that you’re always marketing through both channels and continue to gain followers and exposure. There are also ways to get more creative with it to really enhance some of your pages. For example, in the email you can tell your consumers that “We post this…. To our social media pages, the day before our weekly emails. Go follow us on… To get early exclusives.”. Another good strategy is including call to action buttons. When people are signing up for your email newsletters, remember to also give them an option to link all their social media accounts to follow you as well. Capitalize on your consumers while you already have their attention.


Charity is always an effective way to get people’s attention, and promote your brand. Try to incorporate this into your emails by finding organization’s that will donate money based on “likes”, and “retweets”. If people see an incentive, such as charity to go like your page or post, they are more likely to do it, and you now have a new follower and potential customer.


Incorporating all your social media pages into your email is a great strategy, but if there is one platform you would like to focus on then promote that one more. If you really want to connect with just Facebook, then take the other links out and focus on that. On the other hand, you can also use your email to target a specific audience. Be creative, see what’s hot right now and get on it.


Promoting Email through Social Media

We talked about all the ways to promote your social media through email, but what about vice versa? Maybe your social media platforms are doing great, and you want your email platform to get to the level. It’s simple, just do the opposite. Start putting your email optins in spots on your social media posts, and every week try to include one of those call to action buttons that can take consumers directly to signing up for your email updates. Leave some stuff out of your posts, and tell your followers that there is exclusive content that they can find by signing up for your emails. This will encourage them to sign up, due to their curiosity and not wanting to miss out on anything. Provide your prospects with adequate incentives to take action and provide you with that first “micro-yes” in the marketing sequence which will be opting in.

Many people think that the sales process ends once you get a prospect to purchase your product, but little do they know – it is just beginning. This is what will differentiate between short lived cash cows and long term successes that will build out a rolodex of new and recurring customers for long term profits. Only so many people can purchase from you one time… Stop leaving money on the table and begin taking up the long lost value of email marketing in the world of eCommerce – reeling in more customers, without adding too much work.


Not to mention, we’ll soon be sharing some of our most efficient automation tools for email marketing once our team wraps up the beta testing process. Stay tuned, and keep hustling.


– Anthony



Written and Edited by Jonathan R. & The TonyMast Official Team