Here we have the average American consumer on their smartphones, clicking away on people’s products, pinning them to their Pinterest Boards. Being the proactive seller you are, testing out all different social media platforms is key to see what works best for your brand. The mistake that business owners are making is overlooking the effectiveness of selling through Pinterest.

Why does Pinterest relate so well to eCommerce? It is a platform that saves all the products consumers originally wanted to buy, but found reasons to hold off on it. Maybe they didn’t have the money, it wasn’t necessary at the time, or whatever reason that person may have, but the reality is there is something about the product that attracts them. Now as time goes by, that item is still pinned to their board and eventually self-control wears off, and they eventually purchase it. Although Pinterest can be a dangerous place for the “shopaholics”, it is a goldmine for you, the seller.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is currently ranked second in the social media traffic world for online stores. Millions of customers use Pinterest daily to pass time, find new products, fulfill their shopping crave, and most importantly view and share your products. Pinterest is an easy to use application, and website for the consumers. It is simple to “Pin” products to your board, and the Buyable pins make it easier for people to buy your products. The Buyable pins and “Buy it” buttons are new features that are simple buttons that consumers click on, which will take them directly to the checkout page for the product they wish to purchase.

How to sell on Pinterest?

Using Shopify you can start selling products on Pinterest, simply by adding the Pinterest sales channel. After you’re approved by Pinterest, any products that have been pinned by consumers, will now be a buyable pin, which will include the “Buy It” button. This will simplify Pinterest purchases for your consumers, and increase your sales.

How effective is Pinterest for your Business?

One important concept to understand in business is that the numbers never lie. Pinterest is a powerful platform to sell and expose your products. It’s been proven that the AOV (average order value) through Pinterest is roughly $50. This makes it the highest value of sale compared to the other major social platforms. People who use Pinterest aren’t just there for the unique ideas, they are devoted shoppers. According to a survey, 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase through the platform. Like I said before, Pinterest is unlike other sites. The shoppers can’t just click on something and then simply leave it. This product is pinned, and they are constantly reminded of whatever it is they are yearning for.

Pinterest on the Rise 

Pinterest started off as a website in 2010, and introduced to the mobile world in 2013. Ever since going mobile, it sky rocketed. We live in a world, where over 70% of American’s own a smartphone, making shopping just simple clicks of a few buttons on apps such as Pinterest. According to a Shopify analysis, mobile orders from Pinterest increased by 140% from 2013-2015. These mobile orders now account for 80% of all Pinterest sales, which means that NOW is the time to get your business on this platform.


A major part of online retail in a technology filled society is using social media platforms. They can all be effective, but we all know being an entrepreneur is time consuming and juggling numerous things at once. Luckily we are here to help. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the effectiveness of Pinterest, and immediately get your product out there, and sit back and watch profits grow.


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Written & Edited By: Anthony Mastellone, The TonyMast Official Team & Jonathan R