Are you constantly running ads and not seeing the results you pictured? Do you feel as if you’re donating money to the “Zuckerberg Fund” week in and week out? Well sit tight because I’m about to share with you some jaw dropping information that will make you focus solely on one pillar in particular in an advertising campaign.


Put yourself in the shoes of the people who you run ads to… Now let me ask you this, do you like feeling a personal connection with those ads? The answer is YES… Heck – who doesn’t?! The goal is to create a relationship and to pitch an offer at the same time. With that being said, it’s incredibly important to focus on how the customer feels and whether or not they feel comfortable with your brand.


This forms some sort of a bond with people so they can say…”Hey, these guys don’t only give awesome deals but their customer service team is phenomenal!” Sometimes it’s the small things that mean the most to customers and in the grand scheme of things it’s critical to make them feel as complacent as possible throughout their journey.


Now to break it down…An advertising campaign is broken down into 3 pillars. These pillars are known as the “Acquisition Pillar”, “Retargeting Pillar”, and the “Loyalty Pillar”.

I want YOU to focus on the loyalty stage. Customer loyalty is very underestimated and often forgotten about. Many believe that once they have gotten a customer to purchase then the job is finished and they are in the clear but that’s far from true. I’ve heard people say “But…Hey the ultimate goal to running ads is to promote engagement and to get people to buy your products. Well, I got them to buy my product so the job is done…”. This is the WRONG way to look at the loyalty pillar as a whole. This section of advertising is the most important and critical of all – making a difference between brands that fizzle out in a month, and the brands that go on to do 7 figures per year.


Put everything into perspective… These people bought from you so they obviously like your products. These are actual buyers who have shown interest so why not run ads to those people rather than targeting people by demographics, age or even gender. Now, I am not saying that loyalty is the only pillar that works when running an advertising campaign but it’s very under-appreciated and needs to be fully taken advantage of. Also, please note that bombarding existing customers with emails for example is not typically ideal…there is a fine line drawn between “overdoing” it and making them feel “wanted”. So, aside from making the person feel comfortable and relating to them on a person level, a great way to to promote customer loyalty is through sending them special deals, incentives, coupons or even free shipping. In the loyalty pillar as a whole you can get hectic with it and target your buyers list then sub it down to buyers in the past 30, 90, 180 or 365 days. The most effective practice other than sending someone a coupon code for 10% off next purchase would be incentivize them to take an action…


What does that mean? This means that you can send an existing customer an email saying…”Hey hope you’re enjoying your new shades…write a customer review on our product page telling people what you like or dislike about our product and we’ll send you a coupon code for 25% off your next purchase”. These incentives are a tremendous help because not only are you building that exclusive relationship with the customer but now you’re gaining a review on that product that will hopefully push the next person on the fence into making that purchase as well. Not only can you send these deals to people who are on your subscriber email list but also to fans of your page on Facebook or people who have engaged with your brand in any way.


The goal of this process is to encourage a repeat customer but also increase lifetime customer value. So in essence, if you want to see a MASSIVE spike in profits, you must take action.. build trust, and yes… you guessed it… create customer loyalty so you can stop leaving money on the table for you & your business.



Written By: Michael Ambrose, FB Ads & eCommerce Coach

Edited By: Anthony Mastellone & The TonyMast Team